History of SEO

Search engines have been designed to search by using natural language (human language every day) that has a significant relevance of results. Therefore, the existence of the search engine on the internet opens the concept of e-commerce and internet marketing which is a new way for companies to find value in creating and promoting their website. Of course, the ultimate goal is for better sales to be obtained.


The Internet is not only exciting and great for getting information, but it can be as a viable industry money maker. For example, in 1994, Greg Boser discovered that he could use the Internet to sell protective foam equipment for fires. He built a website and started looking for ways to encourage potential customers to visit his site to make sales transactions.

Likewise in 1996, Christine Churchill discovered the potential of marketing over the internet after she built a website for the company she worked for. Then he and his colleagues tried to develop software on how to streamline internet marketing to reduce the burden of marketing. Soon, he created an online company that sold the software. This story has been explored as one of the histories of SEO. John then decided to recruit a renowned SEO pioneer whose name was Danny Sullivan in order to teach his staff about the knowledge and tricks of search rankings for trading, and he later coined the term “Search Engine Optimization” in June of 1997 for the trick. (note: the first use of the term SEO is unknown).


Danny Sullivan, co-founder of Search Engine Land in April 1996 posted research on search engines that came to be known as “A Webmaster’s Guide To Search Engines”. Since then, Sullivan has become famous and is considered a pioneer of SEO. In June 1997, Danny Sullivan created a Search Engine Watch website that featured many tips on how to get good results on search engines. Later, Search Engine Watch considered Matt Cutts from Google and Mayer’s Team of Yahoo as a “must read” and “the most authoritative source” for knowledge of search engines.


Based on the above notes, the history of the emergence of SEO is started from Internet marketing through its website. They consider web optimization very important. For that, they are trying to find ways how to have a website ranked higher in search engine results or to the top in search engines.

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SEO pioneers learn from each other and sometimes compete with each other to discover new methods of optimizing search. As the development of Internet technology, the development of computers and gadgets, search engine algorithms and so forth.

Although it has been more than 20 years of search engines already exist, not all the facts can be known about the history of SEO. At least an attempt to improve internet marketing is an early step in history for search engine optimization or SEO. SEO will continue to evolve into a new form due to the development of knowledge and technology.


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